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Appointment Reminders

Appointment reminders are critical to a full schedule: they get patients in the door and alert you to cancellations. But phone calls are becoming an inefficient way to communicate. Automated two-way text reminders will not only save you time, but also reach your patients directly. Set this feature up once and you’ll be getting more people showing up for appointments and more time to fill cancellations.

Two way messaging

All messages that patients receive can be replied to, so you can skip the phone calls entirely and still engage with your clientele.

Text Message Reminder on iPhone

Reminders are recorded in Messages, so you’re able to easily access all conversations and send personalized messages.

Default reminders

You can customize all of these with your choice of timeline and wording, but the default reminders are:

  • 1 day before the appointment: a reminder is sent to the patient requesting they let you know if they can make it.
  • 1 hour before the appointment: A reminder is sent as well as a link to check in on their own device.
  • 1 hour after appointment: If the patient has not previously left you a review, a message is sent asking for an online review.
  • If a patient has not been seen for at least 3 months: A message is sent asking how they are doing.

Never Miss a Message

Patient responses are received as a new message in Chiro Cat. During office hours, if the message is not read within 5 minutes a text notification will be sent to designated users. This ensures you don’t miss actionable information.

Text message notification of unread message

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