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SOAP Notes

There are several ways to take SOAP notes, and every chiropractic office is different. That’s why Chiro Cat allows you all the flexibility you could ever want with powerful and intuitive tools, all while keeping it simple as we can possibly make it. Chiro Cat’s SOAP note process is designed to save you as much time as possible. In fact, after a patient’s first visit, we anticipate each additional SOAP taking as little as 30 seconds!

Chiro Cat’s Soap Note Features

  • Voice dictation. Just tell Chiro Cat what you want to write and let our system write it for you!
  • Shortcuts. Easily customize your shortcuts so you can write a lot with only a little. Shortcuts allow you to write something like “np”, and because of the shortcut you setup, Chiro Cat will replace “np” with “New patient exam, including x-rays, physical examination, and review of medical history.”
  • Customizable templates. Often chiropractors will perform a handful of services over and over again. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a template for all the work you do about 80% of the time? Chiro Cat allows you to customize your templates for each part of the SOAP note process.
  • Point and Click on a body part allows you to quickly notate where the issues are with a patient.

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