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Simply the Right Amount of Everything

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Everything you need and nothing you don't

Chiro Cat Profiles on Multiple Phones
Truly Cloud-Based

Chiro Cat allows you to securely access your account anytime, anywhere, on any device. You really could run your whole practice from your smart phone!

Refreshingly Simple

A transformative experience that adds tons of capability without complexity. Train your entire office staff in a matter of minutes, not months.

No Long Term Contracts

We believe strongly in allowing you the freedom to come and go. Of course, we hope you'll stick around but we'll earn your business every month.


Book it. Text it. See it. Chart it. Bill it. Send it. Love it.

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Chiro Cat offers a mind‑blowing experience that simply isn't found in any other software. In fact, it’s so fast, so powerful, and so intelligent, it’s years ahead of any other. You've never worked with anything like it.

An Unprecedented Leap in Charting


Speech-to-text allows you to speak what you want to write, and Chiro Cat seamlessly transcribes for you.


Your patients' point-and-click intake forms auto-fill your subjective notes.


Point and click from your library of templates.


Want to use your keyboard? Power users will love typing a few keys to get full paragraphs of notes.

Chiro Cat Subjective SOAP Note
Chiro Cat Appointment Reminder

Robust Messaging

Modern Communication

Does anybody answer their phone anymore? Communicate how your patients want! Text them.


Send appointment reminders, birthday greetings, intake forms, and review invitations automatically without lifting a finger.

Dedicated Texting Line

When your patients text you, how does your receptionist know? Stop texting your patients from your personal phone and instead use your dedicated Chiro Cat line that your whole staff can see and message with.

Two-way Texting

Sending out appointment reminders is great, but what if your patients want to message back? Now they can.


Never miss an important message from your patients. If a message goes unread, Chiro Cat can forward it to your phone.

Intuitive Scheduling


See it how you want to see it. Want to schedule by provider? By room? All together? You choose.

Clean Design

See only what you need to see. Keep the clutter away.


Want to differentiate different types of appointments? Simple.

Recurring Appointments

Want to see your patient 2 times a week for the next 3 months? It's a breeze with Chiro Cat.

Chiro Cat Calendar
Chiro Cat Report

Know Where You Stand

Stats are critical to making educated business decisions. See your data in simple, easy-to-use reports.

We have you covered

Want to know how much money your practice made last Thursday? Quickly see your revenue, appointments, transactions, claims, and profit with our elegant reports.

Online Reviews

You've just changed the life of one of your patients. Shouldn't the world know? How do you get your patients to review you online? Ask them.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

There is no question that your online presence affects your bottom line. A steady stream of online reviews will help your business be more visible and attractive to new patients.


Send out a review invitation automatically right after an appointment. Had a less-than-perfect patient and worried about what they might say online? Turn off the auto-invite for just that patient.

Quick and Easy

How many positive online reviews have you ever left? 0? Why? Nobody likes a long survey that goes nowhere. We make it quick and easy.

Chiro Cat Review Invitation

Take a Closer Look

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And you thought your software couldn’t get any better.

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"
Leonardo da Vinci

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Take a look at our elegant, immersive interface that doubles down on the idea that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Patient intake forms don't have to be a hassle

What People are Saying

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We love hearing from you!

Simple, Upfront


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Our pricing is simple. No hidden fees. Just one flat rate for everything you’ll need to manage your practice.


Single Location


Per Month
paid monthly


when paid annually

$300 setup fee

Multiple Locations


Per Month
for each additional location


Are you opening up a brand new practice?

There may be some special pricing available for you! Please reach out and let us know what's in your future.

Contact Sales

Additional Services

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Electronic Insurance Claims Processing

Preferred Partner

There is a $150 initial set up fee and a $50 fee per additional provider. Monthly claims processing requires on of the following options:

Tiered Pricing

Unlimited providers and claims processing per month.

Up to 500 $100
501 to 750 $150
751 to 1200 $250
1201 to 1500 $325
1501 to 2000 $425

Flat Fee

$65 per provider for unlimited electronic claims processing.

Workers Compensation and Personal Injury claims are charged differently (separate from the above pricing) and are .54 cents for each claim.

Even more stuff to geek out on

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Some of these items might be a little advanced, but it all comes baked into your subscription to Chiro Cat.

Dedicated Storage

Every account receives their own AWS S3 Bucket where they can store all their patient data, backups, and any other files associated with the account. Chiro Cat automatically exports your data into your S3 bucket on a regular basis.

Local Business Texting Line

Chiro Cat automatically assigns a business texting line to your account that is in the same area code as your business. Patients pay better attention to text messages originating from within the same area code.

Dual factor authentication

Whenever you access your account from outside your office, Chiro Cat will send a text message with a short one-time code that you can use to login. Dual factor authentication (2FA) significantly increases the security of your account.

Encryption At Rest

In addition to securing all web traffic to/from Chiro Cat servers with TLS encryption, we secure your patient information at rest. That means that even if a hacker were to gain access to your files, they'd have an incredibly hard time reading them because they're encrypted.

Bulk Texting and Emailing

Need to communicate with a bunch of your patients all at once? We have you covered. Segment your list of patients using our taggable capability and manage all your communications in one place.

Family Check In

Families can check in together. Want to check in a husband, wife, and all 12 of their kids? You can do it easily with Family Check In.

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